About Me

My name is Jai Sewram and I am the creator of HealthyFortune.

As you may have read in the Vision and About HealthyFortune articles, my driving force is freedom. My passion lies in adventure. And I love to play. Of course, to truly enjoy life, one needs a steady flow of income that doesn’t impede excessively on one’s time.

From a career perspective, I have immersed myself in the field of acting and performance. While there can be financial gain in the entertainment industry, it can sometimes be a slog and a regular monthly income is by no means guaranteed.

Over the years, I studied and applied the lessons of some of the most successful and financially established people in the world. I discovered that by and large the thing that stops most of us from achieving our desires is our mindset. Wealthy people cultivate a mentality that just draws riches to them. The old saying “The rich get richer, the poor get poorer” can be better expressed as “the rich minded get richer, the poor minded get poorer”. Which is why most lottery winners, over the years, find themselves in the same financial situations they were in before they won. And millionaire tycoons likewise return to a position of wealth even after they lose everything, including the coat on their backs.

They have the right mindset and the skills to apply that mindset.

I thoroughly enjoy all I do in the entertainment field. I have also branched into wellness and healing. And I have a firm grasp on the IT programming world as well. Bringing all these skills together, HealthyFortune and Mannatech offer a way to play more without concerning oneself too much about where the next paycheque will come from.