Using the HealthyFortune Business Builder


Now that you’ve an understanding of the network marketing concept and the compensation structure of Mannatech, let’s talk about how we can best make use of this system to build our passive income stream.

Network Marketing is about marketing your companies products or services to a network of customers. The same as any business concept really. The advantage with this model is the lower costs involved and, as you may have noticed with the compensation plan, soon the business does start paying for itself.

The traditional approach within the networking model was to promote through calling friends and family or colding calling prospects. While this method can work and has produced many millionaires within the industry, it can be long and tedious.

You can use a different approach, getting interested people to come to you instead of the other way around. provides the education and the tools to make this happen. You will still need to put in the required effort, of course, but following our proven steps, the road to financial freedom will be a tad easier.

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