FAQ for Compensation Plan

So I only need 6 customers to build a lucrative business?

In an ideal scenario where each customer is also a dedicate business builder, yes, you only need six people. Realistically, however, that number would be closer to sixty or more. But don’t worry, using HealthyFortune’s online marketing methods, you will be able to target hundreds of people, finding your quality business builders with relative ease.

Do I have to be a Mannatech customer?

You must be registered as a Mannatech associate. You are not obligated to be a regular customer but if you’re not registered on the system, no future customers or business associates can be associated with you.

Can I build a business without being a customer myself?

Well, technically, yes, you can build a business but you will receive no monetary compensation unless you’re also a customer. You may continue to build your business network indefinitely but until you make the minimum purchase, you will not qualify for any profits that your network generates.

What if I don’t want to use the Mannatech products but I still want to make money?

The sale and consumption of Mannatech’s high quality products is what generates income. In order to participate in the compensation plan described here, you must make qualifying purchases of Mannatech products. Whether you use the products or sell them yourself is irrelevant. The fact remains that, as with any traditional business, without product movement, there is no income generation.

What are the costs involved?

Bear in mind that you will be starting your own business. The initial capital required is either just over R1,000 (for a basic associate) or R4,500 (for a premium associate). Your monthly overheads will be a minimum of R1,500. Your monthly overheads include product purchases, marketing and operating costs, and your subscription to the HealthyFortune system.

Of course, we want to help you build your business to a point where it is covering your overheads as quickly as possible. With diligence, it is possible to achieve this within the first month. Then we start focussing on your monthly passive income.

What is the typical time-frame to financial freedom?

How long it takes to build up a substantial passive income depends on your commitment and the amount of marketing you do. Of course, HealthyFortune will provide you with access to our online system, tools and show you how to market both online and offline. We also offer a 90-Day Challenge program during which we work with you on a more intensive marketing strategy.

Realistically, we’re looking at anything between 3 and 36 months.

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