FAQ for Paradigm Shift

I have many paradigms. Are we going to shift them all?

The available course focuses on what we will call the Wealth Creation paradigm. We look at the habits and attitudes of people who want to create wealth over and above a basic salary.

What do I need to do?

Firstly, commit to your own growth. Secondly, dedicate at least an hour a day for the duration of the course to reading and absorbing the information presented. Next, apply the principles presented and look at the recommended options.

You will need to dedicate both time and energy toward wealth creation in order for it to manifest. Just reading the course emails and then sitting back will do you no good.

Will I be rich after doing this course?

I don’t guarantee that you will be rich but you will certainly have the tools to start practising a wealth generating mindset. The actual physical riches (in whatever way you define them) may be a while in coming depending on your own level of commitment and application and the way in which you’ve chosen to manifest them.

Is this course all I’ll ever need to be successful or wealthy?

No, this course is by no means exhaustive. It is only a beginning. You must continue your growth by making use of the books, articles, audio and people recommended throughout the course, as well as pursue knowledge on your own. The course’s aim is to show you a different way of thinking and approaching life. You still need to make the necessary changes and take the actions that are appropriate to you. Keep searching for ways and means of achieving the results you desire.

HealthyFortune does provide a means of creating a wealth pipeline with our Business Builder product. If you wish to know more, click here or pop us a message.

I’ve done things like this before. They don’t work.

The course may not present anything new if you’ve already extensively researched and observed the ways of wealthy people. However, there are key principles that are common and we also look at a small selection of different wealth generation options. If you’ve applied these principles before and they have not worked out, I can only suggest relooking at what you did and how you did it and then making adjustments so that you can get the results you’re looking for. You are welcome to consult one of our coaches or ask for advice going forward.

The other aspect I would like you to consider is whether you are happy with the way your life is now and, if not, are you willing to try something different to make that change? If you aren’t willing to make the necessary changes, I’m sorry to say, no amount of teaching will help you.

How long will it take before my life changes?

That is entirely up to you and will depend on how attached you are to your current lifestyle. A lot of your current habits may be holding you back from the life you seek. If you are vigilant and actively reform those habits as you become aware of them, the time period to you seeing positive results will lessen.

Other factors that will influence the timeline include your level of dedication, your past experience, your past teachings and the financial vehicle you choose.

Do I need to have money first?

Not for the course; all the information provided is free. In order to apply the principles and to expand your knowledge, you will need to invest in yourself. This means putting aside a portion of your current earnings toward wealth creation. We do look at options that you can use to increase your current short-term earnings in the course.

But I don’t have money to invest. What can I do?

Start small. Put aside at least 10% of your current earnings toward your wealth creation. If 10% sounds too large, read this article on Personal Investment.

Begin investing in your knowledge first. As your attitudes shift, you will start better seeing the opportunities to create more immediate money and you can steadily grow the amount you put toward your wealth creation projects.

You can also chat to us about building a money making system with minimal funds.

No, I really have no money. My salary only barely covers my basics!

The course information is free. All you really need do is dedicate your time to reading it and absorbing it. Refocusing your attitude will allow you to start looking for money making opportunities in your daily life. In other words, stop focusing on your lack of money! Instead focus and look for opportunities to make money. They are all around us.

Read the article on Personal Investment and chat to us about changing your situation.

I don’t have the time to go through this. Is there a quicker way?

If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick option, this course is probably not for you. I am offering you a way to change your attitude to wealth creation and understand that it is a process. One that could take years to realise but if you don’t start taking care of your wealth now, when are you going to start?

I need personal advice over and above the online course. Who can help me?

Take a look at our coaching page and choose the person or workshop that suits you.

I want to build a pipeline as mentioned in the course. Can you help me do that?

Yes, you can register for the HealthyFortune Business Builder by clicking here. Alternatively, you may either speak to one of our coaches or send us a message to set up an appointment.

I can’t find my question in this FAQ.

Click here to send your question to us and we will answer you as soon as possible.