A Vision of Freedom

I have a vision of freedom. The freedom to do what we want as and when we want to. The freedom to choose our activities on how much we want to do them instead of what our bank balance reflects.

HealthyFortune was created as a way to teach and motivate people who are looking for ways to create income streams that don’t keep them slave to the clock. I believe that the work we choose, the careers we are driven to should be motivation enough. Our financial security does not have to be tied to our careers.

And by that same token, if we feel like not working our chosen career for a week or a month, we should have the freedom to do so. Once again, our bank balance should never be a primary deciding factor in how we wish to spend our time.

At HealthyFortune, my associates and myself encourage building multiple streams of income. We provide guidance and tips on doing so. We also offer a business opportunity through which you can generate a substantial passive income stream to replace your salary, even if you never build any other streams (although we don’t advise ever relying on only one income stream).

One of the first step is to shift your mindset. So, regardless of where you are in your life, please sign yourself up for the 10 Step Paradigm Shift.

Making use of the personal coaches available to give you personalised advice is also a sure fire way to establish and reach your goals.

Finally, the Business Builder package allows you to start building a second income part-time which has the potential to replace your primary full-time income in a matter of years. We guide you step-by-step, providing the system and the tools to build a successful home-based business that will grant you both time and financial freedom.