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The HealthyFortune Business Builder utilises the network marketing model to help you establish a passive income pipeline.

If you have been involved in the networking industry before, you may be interested in this article.

If you are unfamiliar with it, the concept of networking marketing is very straight forward. Everyone does it in some form: When you find some really snazzy shoes or see a movie that you like, when you tell your friends about it, that’s network marketing. You’re letting your friends know where to find the shoes or to watch the movie, in essence, creating customers for the shoe store or the cinema.

The difference between these scenarios and a dedicated company that uses networking as it’s primary marketing strategy is that, in general, the shoe store and cinema take the new customers from you with only a silent thank-you while the networking company pays you a commission on each purchase made by the new customers you’ve introduced.

This makes it into a very viable business system. You take on the responsibility and task of marketing the company and products or services that they provide, and get paid on purchases made. Because network marketing is multi-leveled, this means that you’re not only introducing new customers, you are also sharing a money creating opportunity with those customers. In turn, any revenue they generate through purchases and further expanding the customer base contributes toward your commission earnings.

Over time, depending on the compensation structure of the company you’ve chosen to associate with, you can earn a very substantial income.

HealthyFortune is an independent business associate of Mannatech. The compensation plan that Mannatech provides is one of the best you could be exposed to and, through our Internet marketing strategies, it provides a very lucrative income within a very short period of time.

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