Getting Started

I’d like to congratulate you on taking this step toward realising your dreams.

The process of getting started is fairly easy. Fill in the form below and we will be in contact with you to complete your registration with Mannatech and HealthyFortune.

Once you’ve registered and have your Mannatech Associate number, sign up on HealthyFortune for access to our marketing tools and advice. If your Mannatech association is with HealthyFortune, access to our backend is free as long as you’re a Mannatech customer. Other Mannatech Associates may still use our system for a monthly fee of R450.

Once you are registered as a HealthyFortune Business Builder, you will receive instructions on setting up your marketing campaign and have access to our tools. You can also opt for the 90-Day Challenge which provides a more intensive environment to help you reach your goals faster. Follow the 90-Day Challenge link for more information. The Challenge is free for all HealthyFortune Business Builders.

Please be aware that Mannatech registration will cost you either just over R1,000 (basic associate) or R4,500 (premium associate). Included in this fee is your access to the HealthyFortune tools for one year.

Enter your details in the form below to continue.