Life doesn’t come with a how-to manual. Fortunately, HealthyFortune has partnered with some insightful and knowledgeable individuals to help you along your path.

Let Jo or Graham empower and guide you with their expert advice. Choose the individual coach below who you would like to work with and make contact.

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[Jo Hazelhurst]

Jo Hazelhurst

Jo Hazelhurst is a Team Development Facilitator, Executive and Raw Vegan Lifestyle Coach, with 16 years experience in assisting people to be their own leaders, and to achieve unbelievable health and optimal performance through nutrition, exercise and balance of the mind/body connection. She is the founder and director of Kalavati whose mission it is to teach people how to make healthy decisions that will allow for personal and global transformation. Between 2008 and 2009, she wrote a column for Business Report called “Learn to Lead”. Jo has worked with corporate, government, NGO’s, Cosatu, artists, prisons, schools and the public sector. She specializes in using theatre, martial arts, dance and music integrated with coaching and mind body fitness training.

Jo offers the following:

  1. Bootcamp training
  2. Private Coaching
  3. Team development
  4. Team building/talks

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[Graham Le Sar]

Graham Le Sar

Graham Le Sar, a member of COACHES & MENTORS Of SOUTH AFRICA (COMENSA), is a Change Facilitator, Speaker, Author, and Life and Business Coach. He has a collective span of 25 years in the Life-Solutions field. He has successfully made a difference in the lives of hundreds of people through teaching, workshops, seminars and personal and group Coaching interventions by applying his groundbreaking work helping people to work through their issues of helplessness, hopelessness and powerlessness.

Graham offers the following:

  1. Private Coaching
  2. Workshops
  3. Group Talks

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