Finding my Wings

Champion Meat
24 Jul 2007

This month has been one of the longest this year, and, yet, it is suddenly over. Today I feel like I’ve woken up from a deep coma without realising I was in one. This is what a week of Kahuna training followed by dolphin therapy does to one!

As a Kahuna therapist, I recognise body’s signs of expelling old and unnecessary garbage. Before even being asked to go to Level 5, I’d decided to do some self-therapy and purge myself of some emotional and energetic baggage. Levels 5 and 6 were part of that process.

As was the dolphin trip. I came back to Johannesburg high in many regards (I just enjoyed warm tropical weather for just about three weeks while my fellow Jo’burgers faced wintery cold storms; who wouldn’t be elated) but also a little drained. Par for the course, yes, but I was literally unable to attend to many of the physical tasks I’d set for myself. And on top of it all, I was a walking zombie.

[hide-this-part morelink=”View some photos from the Mozambique here.”]


The interesting thing, I find, it I never quite realise how much of a zombie I am until I’ve passed the phase. Then, with the glory of hindsight and a detached perspective, I can look back and laugh at how dramatic I was. You can’t get much more dramatic than making deals with the Almighty regarding the number of days a sickness shall be allocated.

Last night, as I moved more fully back in to my non-serious joyous little self, the Jo’burg weather decided to take a major turn, some icy winds picked up in the evening with some light snowfall. Snow! In Jo’burg!

I thought it was small hail for a bit. Today I head down to Grahamstown, notorious for its biting winters. I shiver in anticipation. Those that know me know that I don’t particularly like being cold. I don’t suppose anybody really does, but I think I’m especially anti-cold. For the sake of the gods, I’m African Indian; my physiology is built for temperate climates!

Nonetheless, enough ranting. I must start packing. One more trip to close out this month of travel. I pray that this little skint continues.

The travelling, not the whole personal process thing. Not that I’m not for personal change and growth and the like. I just prefer the easy route. Always aim for the easy route. Otherwise, where’s the fun? 🙂

That’d be nice, yeah.