The First Andrea Bocelli

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20 Oct 2013
Inspiring Others
22 Oct 2013

Andrea Boccelli on stageI’m not sure why but the aged memory of an interview with Mr Bocelli popped into my head today. I’d seen it on TV many years ago – possibly more than a decade – and remember nothing from it except for a single comment made by the interviewer on Bocelli being akin to the next Pavarotti or some other famous tenor. The singer’s response was really what stuck with me: “I’d like to think that I’m really the first Andrea Bocelli.

It’s interesting how often we are compared – and how often we compare ourselves – to other people when we are unique in our own right. Sure, we can move past that whole “I’m special” mentality that’s over-hyped in the media, and really embrace the snowflakeyness of our individual individuality 😛
In many ways, we are like everyone else, but, also in so many ways, we are very unique in our combination of talents, traits and personality. Accept this and be as much and as true to you as possible. Be the first you.

I don’t feel like writing much more today, so instead I’ll just go forth continuingly being more me.