First Episode of High Rollers a Hit

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27 Mar 2013
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14 Apr 2013

Based on the numerous positive tweets and Facebook posts, we have a hit on our hands!

The first episode of High Rollers aired tonight on SABC 3 at its dedicated 20:30 time slot. The response has been nothing short of spectacular. The show has a high production quality, coupled with a solid script and excellent, talented acting. And that’s a very unbiased opinion, I assure you 😀

In fact, I was already marvelling at the lighting and camera work on my first day on set, very nearly convinced that I was watching an American produced drama when I was just watching the monitors! Yeah, it’s that good.
Ravi in High Rollers
Catch the show every Tuesday, 20:30, on SABC 3. I play Ravi, the oh-so-awesome bartender.