Five Keys to Lifelong Learning

Who am I acting to?
15 Feb 2013

Keep an open mind – always question, always be ready to accept new ideas and different strategies. You can’t learn anything new if you take the stance of “oh, I already know that”. There may always be something extra.

Adapt – Allow yourself to adapt to changing information and trends. We are constantly revising what we know, always be ready to change your ideas as new material and information is presented. Don’t accept everything at face value, of course, but test the new material first instead of rejecting it outright.

Application – You may have heard the saying “knowledge is power”. I remember it well and lived by that creed for a while, amassing as much knowledge as I could. The thing is, knowledge is only a gathering of information. It’s the actual application of that information that is key to success. Also, you can never know if your new learning is valid until you actually put it to the test. Always be ready to apply any new knowledge that comes your way.

Sharing with groups – We are by nature social creatures. We learn much better and are more able to apply our teachings within a group than by ourselves. Also, having a support group makes it less scary and less of a stretch. Spend time with people wanting to learn the same things as yourself. It is important to share new information and have somebody to bounce ideas off.

Dedication – Dedicate learning time to yourself. Make a commitment to watch a new video, listen to a new audiobook, or read a new book as often as your time allows. By setting aside a specific time for learning, you create a habit of learning.