Flaunting My Super Gees

Molly en Wors, the movie
25 Jun 2012
Molly en Wors, some behind the scenes piccies
22 Jul 2012

The Super Gees campaign aired today. In May, we shot for two days, the first day doing the shop scene in Benoni. I think I had a funnier expression on the full take where I flaunt my fin, knock over the display of tins, and give the impression that I feel a little bit of an idiot for having knocked over the display before recovering and baring teeth at the Cheetah. In the final cut, I seem to have no remorse for messing up the store aisle.

The second day was spent at Ellis Park Stadium, Pretoria. We did the shoot in the evening and it got rather cold. Also I was in my fin and couldn’t really sit down unless I found something without a backrest; not the easiest feat in a stadium. Despite the cold and weary legs, it was a great shoot. The production assistant and wardrobe ladies did their best to ensure that we (the actors) were as comfortable as possible in spite of our costumes. I am thankful that I at least had clothes on. The Cheetah, Bull and Stormer’s Super Fans bared a bit more body painted flesh to the elements.

Complaining aside, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire shoot. Everyone that I worked with was so awesome and professional. Thanks to Egg’s Terence Neale who did a superb job directing this commercial for Draftfcb.

The final ad is very funny and was well received. Check it out:

The ad was accompanied by a music video, directed by Juniper at Bioscope Films. The video, a Robbie Wessels’ track that’s a rework of the 80s classic “Super Freak”, was done by a different production team and was a little bit more erratic in terms of the schedule. We wound up spending far too many hours just sitting and waiting around. Mind you, a lot of the waiting was because of some of the hectic make-up some of the characters required. And this is the first music video that I’ve ever done so it was still pretty awesome and we got to work and fraternize with some very lovely, hot ladies 🙂

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