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23 Jul 2011
Yoging In Jeans
27 Jul 2011

The last time I remember heading off to a yoga class was the beginning of last year. En route I crashed my car, didn’t make it to class and haven’t attempted to do any yoga since. Well, that’s not entirely true. I have done some yoga in my FreshStart bootcamp and during Ka Huna trainings, but those times were intermingled with other forms of exercise and body work.

Until this very night, I haven’t done a full, dedicated yoga class in over a year and a half. I did not realise that I missed it so. At least, my body definitely responded with joy and enthusiasm to the movements and postures.

Amazingly, I also haven’t lost my form and flexibility. My body happily contorted into advanced levels of the postures with relative ease. The instructor, Andrew, fresh back from training in India, helped push my body into a variety of obscure poses. He reckons being a yoga master is my calling. He also seems convinced that my body will be very sore tomorrow because, while capable, it isn’t accustomed to the postures. That’s something to look forward to.

All it all, it was a fantastic class. My girlfriend, Élouise, has arranged these and other classes at her work place in the Baha’i Centre inNorthriding, Randburg. The classes are very well priced at R50 a session and are currently only once a week but Andrew should be doing more regular sessions, including early mornings, in the near future. There may also be discounted multi-class passes available soon which would obviously work out even cheaper.

And I will definitely be making this a more regular pursuit again.

As an interesting side note, yesterday I chanced upon the relatively new location of my previous yoga spot. I knew that they’d moved to the Craighall area but, until my walk around the area yesternoon, I’d not known exactly where. So clearly yoga is back in my life 🙂 Yay.