The Gentle Patter of Summer Rains

Garbage Collection and Museums of Colour
19 Oct 2013
The First Andrea Bocelli
21 Oct 2013

After the rush about on Friday, this weekend was actually very chilled. I spent yesterday with the family, including my sis-in-law and nephews in Fordsburg, perusing the Oriental Plaza and the general Fordsburg flea markets. All in all, it was a healthy dose of SA Indian culture this past week with my time spent in Laudium and then Fordsburg, enjoying some very yummy Indian food throughout the week. I definitely need to add more of these days to my schedule 🙂

The spice in Indian food does funny things to my tummy but, by the gods of all things good, they are very delicious. Provided, of course, it’s not so hot as to destroy my tastebuds. 🙂
A day is definitely a good day when it’s complemented by good food and company.

And, on the subject of social meals, today saw the first real rain in the Gauteng area in a long time, a full day of gentle drizzle, soaking the dust and cleansing the dry Earth. Which meant that, instead of the planned hike in the Magaliesburg area, we instead decided that a breakfast and chilled social out in the countryside was more to speed. It was a nice outing for a wet morning.

The rain created a very chilled, meditative space for me. Perhaps, in part, it’s the calm after the rush of getting “The Garbage Collector” done, perhaps it is the nature of a soft, continuous drizzle, but I’ve been in a very relaxed space this weekend, feeling very calm and less high-strung than I have been in the past weeks leading up to Project Me. I’m actually looking forward to a pleasant and productive week, part of which will be spent revamping this very website. Pun punna paaaaaaaa.