Goodbye Ravi

Jai in Vaselintjie
Inspector in Vaselinetjie
25 Jul 2016
Jai and Petra
Walking the Carpet Rouge Tonight
28 Jul 2016
Jai as Ravi

Goodbye RaviWhoops, I got canned. 😕

It’s certainly been a fantastic year with the High Rollers and Rous House Productions team, with loads of learnings, loads of fun, loads of growth, meeting and working with some really great people. My contract with High Rollers came to an end in March this year and I chose to take a break from the drama series for a bit. A year on a single show is a long time and while my character was certainly fun to play with, especially with the range of whacky outfits and obscure storylines, it was time to put my energies on other pursuits and enjoy a few adventures outside of the casino.

That’s not to say that Ravi hasn’t captured my heart and if opportunity arises, I will certainly in due course don the Head Bartender uniform again 😉

Thank you, High Rollers, so much for all the laughs, and most importantly for making me a part of the family.
You guys truly rock. 🙏💖

My graceful exit from High Rollers was aired last night (27 July 2016) on SABC 3.
Watch the episode here: