Grandmothers and Woodcutters; Love and Security

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25 Oct 2013
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27 Oct 2013

Red Riding Hood finger puppetsThere’s a woman, Debbie Howes, who runs a variety of workshops that operate around the archetypes in the Red Riding Hood story. The ones that particularly stuck out for me was the Grandmother, representing unconditional support and love, and the Woodcutter, representing security and action.

In the context of Debbie’s work, you are Little Red Riding Hood and the story is a metaphor for your approach to life. The wolf represents the challenges and obstacles you will encounter, potentially deceiving you and offering niceties before devouring you. The actually journey through the woods, getting diverted to a longer path, packing the basket with mother, etc. all represent various aspects of our life and their presence or lack of presence in our own stories determine our own strengths or weaknesses in our daily dealings. ( You can find out more on this work from Debbie herself 😉 )

My main life issues centre around the granny and woodcutter archetypes. Granny, representing unconditional love and support, was missing in my upbringing. Particularly growing up in a Hindu Indian household where there is a lot of weight placed on tradition and forced respect, I didn’t feel that my individuality and spirit was supported. I felt that I had to act a certain way and say certain things in order to be appreciated and receive love. This, naturally, caused some resentment within me.

red-riding-hood-penAnd it is so deep-seeded, I’ve discovered, that even when I did start meeting people and finding friends and lovers that were able to support and love me for who I am, a strong part of me negated this. And I still feel that I have to prove myself. I’m, of course, intellectually aware the love that surrounds but to actually feel and accept it, well that’s a different tale altogether.

Security and capability was the other thing that I felt I lacked in my life. I’ve mentioned in posts before that lack of self-confidence has been one of my life-long issues, and something I’ve had to actively work on to the point that who I am now compared to who I was just in highschool are so vastly different people as to be unrecognisable. Yet this woodcutter element still lacks in my life to a strong degree. I think I’ve got to the point where I can deal with just about anything, yet life continues to throw those curve balls, and here I stand, no axe at the ready to whack them back.

It is all part of the process going forward with Project Me, of course. Finding that space whereby the gran and woodcutter is thoroughly integrated into my own story 🙂

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