GuruJai speaks

Hippie Jai'prakashGreetings and Salutations, I say to you in the most adorable Indian accent ever. I know you can’t hear but, seriously, it is frikkin’ adorable. I am even doing the traditional head bobble as I write this. Very authentic.

So, you have arrived at my page of podcasts. Because I have an awesome voice, I decided it would be most cruel of me to not share said voice coupled with some of my learned wisdoms with the world at large. Honestly, it’s just an excuse to talk for half an hour instead of writing. Nonetheless, I do hope my meanderings are of interest and entertainment. And you’re more than welcome to put through requests and ideas for future episodes.

As for the title of this page, in case your Hindi is a wee bit rusty, I have taken the word guruji and strategically added an ‘a’ in there to form the unique individual persona you will listen to here. Clever, ya?
So, as the GuruJai, I share my brain’s thinkings.

Oh, I also want to say that while it may be a nice touch to talk in that adorable Indian accent with which this text is being written, I’ve a suspicion (because I know myself so well) that there will be other international accents sneaking into the mix too. So, you know, expect the unexpected. It’s the actor in me. I like to show off 😛

Enjoy, friendlies.