Being Happy with Determination

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18 Jan 2014
The End Is Nigh!
14 Jul 2014

To live while alive
The year before last I worked on a private project I’d called “Happy No Matter What”, which involved consciously making the effort to realise internal happiness regardless of outside conditions. It was an insightful exercise that opened a few doors for me but from which I did eventually fall off the wagon. It’s like gym; I had all the intention but eventually the motivation waned.

Yesterday, my friend Lara pointed me to the 100 days of happiness challenge, a movement that is all over the Internet of late. I like the fun vibe that the creators of the site put forward. Being happy is just that; it’s about fun and lightness and enjoying of the life that we’ve been bestowed with. In all truth, I was far too serious with my initial project. I was analysing the day and what I’d been feeling, documenting it into book format and focusing far more on why I wasn’t content, what I could change than realising my intention of really being happy no matter what.

The simplicity of the 100 days of happiness appeals to me. Just find one moment in a day, one reason to be happy. And because it is a global initiative, there’s a support structure of sorts to keep one from going of the rails, so to speak. Lara has created a group for a collection of her friends who are doing the challenge with her, myself included, and it’s awesome. Every time I read a new post of what lights up one of the member’s heart, I must smile myself. It’s enough just to see everyone else’s happy to find my own. And that’s really special I think.

And, let’s face it, in our currently overly stressed lifestyle, this is always very needed. Join the challenge by visiting
You can decide when your 100 days start, you can decide how public you want to be with sharing, you decide what makes you happy. Happiness is infectious. The more happy moments we individually have, the more happy we will be, and the more happy our surrounding, and eventually the world. Yay. 😀