How I Didn’t Restore My Eyesight

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26 May 2011
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1 Jun 2011

Ten years ago I learned how to heal my eyesight. I didn't. Turns out it wasn't important enough.

Many years ago, I had the opportunity to attend a Natural Eye Healing course. I’ve had terrible short-sighted eyesight since I was a kid. The affliction was only discovered when I was 9-years-old but could have been an issue for longer. Up until I received glasses I really thought the fact that I couldn’t see everything clearly was normal.

It was only in my twenties that I discovered these natural healing modalities. The Eye Healing course was a range of exercises that would strengthen the eyeball and, over time, fix the issues related to various sight disorders, particularly near- and far-sightedness.

Do they work? Well, a few months after learning these practices, a fellow class member had restored much of his sight, reducing his spectacle prescription, and steadily weaning himself off the need for eyeglasses altogether. I have since lost touch with him so I cannot say whether the process was hundred percent effective. What I can say is that, almost ten years after taking this course, my eyesight is no better than it was.

The difference in his success and my lack of it, as you may guess, was the dedication and persistence that he had over me. Restoring my eyesight was not important enough to me. Sure, I’d love to not have to wear glasses or contact lenses but that desire was a nice-to-have, not an essential. And, so, spending the amount of time and effort on the exercises just wasn’t worth my while, I felt.

This is the same attitude many people have to money and prosperity. It would be nice to have the lifestyle but it’s far too much of an effort to dedicate daily practises to achieving that goal. I may want to see without the aid of spectacles but I’m not willing to spending an hour or so everyday exercising my eye muscles. I want to have a R100,000 monthly passive income so I can live a fulfilled life but I’m not willing to spend a few hours a day building the necessary pipeline.

This is the reality. Not everyone who claims they want the free lifestyle are willing to do what it takes. Ten years ago I learned how to heal my eyesight without laser surgery. I still need glasses to see properly. How long are you going to wait to put into practise the activities that will build your passive income pipeline? And what is your life going to look like in the next decade?

(I recently wrote an article about fighting yourself by wanting one thing but constantly holding yourself in the environment and mentality of the opposite. Go read it, it’s good.)