It’s My Burthday!

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24 Feb 2016
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2 Mar 2016

My nephews know. Hee hee.

Or rather, it was my birthday 2 days back.
I’ve been getting more and more excited over my birthing anniversary as the years have progressed. This year I arranged a view events to celebrate the start of my next circle around the Sun, the 40th one, dum dum daaaaaa.

There’s dinners, cocktails and dancing, my main colourful party set for next weekend, and this tree-top obstacle course at Go-Ape SA. It took us 90 odd minutes to do the 27 obstacles at sometimes 9 metres above the ground. Then we had cake. Loads of fun.

And, of course, there were the presents.
Yaaaaay! Presents! The best thing about birthdays is getting gifted with all sorts of yumminess! 😄😄😄🎈💖🎶

It was a good round of celebrations. Looking forward to the year. 😉