Jaan: Shoot Day 1

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12 Mar 2011
Be a Practical Positive
15 Mar 2011

JaanDay1Well, we finished seven of the eighty-odd scenes. All in all, a very smooth shoot accomplished in a shorter time than I expected. We were on location from 11:00 and done by 16:00. Granted, we initially were only promised access to the location until 14:00 so shooting had to be conducted as efficiently as possible.

Our director, Retesh, has also chosen not to shoot too many options which means less takes, and will ensure a quicker and relatively painless editing process.

Avashnee Vandiar

Avashnee Vandiar looking pretty while crew set up behind her

Alas, an efficient shoot also means less bloopers to blog about. I did manage to spill my beer several times when my attempts to not drink it caused the malted liquid to foam at my lips. Yes, theoretically, we shouldn’t have alcohol on set but, hey, we’re going for realism here.

Oh, there was also the issue of my brain refusing to remember one phrase in a very poignant monologue, resulting in repeated, minute-long vague and focused stares into my screen-girlfriend’s face. Our production assistant attempted to help me out with a cue card which instead caused me to crack up instead of continuing the line. At least we got some laughs out of a very serious, tear-worthy moment.

Hopefully these all make the DVD extras 🙂

At any rate, if we keep going like we do today, this feature will done by end of June. Joy.