A Beach Outside My Bedroom Door

Power in the Sand
19 Jun 2011
Did Nothing Musically Significant Happen Last Decade?
20 Jun 2011

We eventually only left Bazley at 5pm, heading over to Ballito in the North Coast for the night. The beach-house that will be our lodgings this night is owned by the owner of Skin Sense, where Sai and Ity work. The house is open to the Skin Sense employees whenever they are in the area, provided the owner isn’t using it herself.

The “house” is actually an apartment, part of a humongous estate, that sits directly over the beach. Two floors of apartment, I was in the rooms downstairs. I can walk out of my make-shift bedroom onto a wooden deck directly overlooking the beach. In fact, if I hopped over the deck railing, I would land on the beach sand. It’s that close. Probably not the best place to be during a Tsunami but fantastic any other time of the year.

Having arrived rather late, we didn’t spend too much time really enjoying the beach, though. The sun, having set around 6pm, was fast asleep before we found the place, and the waves look a little too violent for a quick night swim.

Besides, everybody is tired from the busy day and we’ve all enjoyed a nice meal out at a fab place called Mo-Zam-Bik. After a healthy veg fast of juices and soups, the seafood and chicken eaten tonight is sitting heavy in tummies. Pleasant but heavy enough to desire bed over any nightly activities. We head out tomorrow at 7am, as well, so best to get some sleep over the crashing of the waves.