A Moonlit Ride

The Get Rich Slow Scheme
16 Jun 2011
What did you learn today?
17 Jun 2011

After settling in, it became apparent that there was a fair number of essential goodies missing. Like an extra pot. Following my receiving a brief massage, I headed off to the nearest shopping mall to get hold of some things.

Of course, that mall is just under an hour away so I got to have some time out to myself for a bit. I had mixed feelings about going off on the shopping errand because it meant I was out of Ka Huna space. On the other hand, it also meant that I was a little more free in that I could, in a way, enter and leave the space at will. And I could also sneak in a chocolate or two into my shopping cart.

I did forget one potentially crucial fact heading off to the shopping centre. It’s Youth Day. A public holiday. This wouldn’t be any issue expect that I only left Bazley at around 15:10. This meant I arrived at the shops around 16:00. Which left about an hour to get what was needed.

Of course, not clicking that shops do close earlier on a public holiday, I took my time getting the necessary groceries at the Checkers, checking the various fruits and vegs that were on my shopping list, mentally deciding that I’d find better produce in one of the other shops. When I eventually did get out of the store, I discovered to my dismay that there was nothing else open! With the exception of food outlets and the cinema, everything was closed. Well, except for Checkers. Thank goodness for that. At least, I could still pick up some of the items that I’d hoped to find in better quality at alternate stores.

A few items had to be scrapped, unfortunately. Still nothing major. With the smells of takeout food in my nostrils, I headed back, looking forward to whatever our healthy meal would be. The sun was already down when I left the shopping centre and it was only about 17:30.

Given that I was essentially travelling between towns, the highway back wasn’t lit, of course. This became a bit of a concern after I’d past a dozen pedestrians in dark clothing, and one car with no lights, except for a dim right flicker which could have easily been mistaken for a cats-eye from a distance. The solution I decided on was teaming up with random cars to travel convoy style. Regardless of whether I was behind another car or in front of one, our combined headlight beams lit enough of the distance to not be surprised by random pedestrians appearing our of the night.

This manoeuvre did add some excitement to my drive back as I kept pace with various other drivers, occasionally having to find other cars to team up with as the previous ones took offramps, fell behind or sped up to a point that I wasn’t prepared to follow lest I wind up with hectic “Zero-Tolerance” KZN traffic fines. A large full red moon over us made the ride back that much more auspicious.

I’m not big on the whole full moon, new moon, eclipse thing but there was some excitement in the household over the previous night’s lunar eclipse. A combination of it being a full moon and an eclipse is evident of some grand alignment at play. Whatever the esoteric meaning, it was a pretty sight, especially as I approached the beach-house. I drove directly into the moon, as it shimmered over the ocean, reflecting a path of light.

A picture would be grand but I didn’t have a camera with me and probably wouldn’t have done the sight justice even if I did.