Back to the Body

I disappoint You, You disappoint Me
18 Jun 2011
Power in the Sand
19 Jun 2011

I haven’t been in Ka Huna space in a long time. It had become my opportunity to return to my body in a focused and purposeful way. In the times since my last retreat, I have been in yoga, dance and fitness classes so I’ve not neglected my body by any means. There is, however, a difference in the energy that a four or five day dedicated retreat offers over a few hours broken up throughout a week, no matter the regularity.

In the space that I currently sit, I’ve the opportunity to feel and be present. This something that we lose in the corporate world. Too often we’re in head space, analysing, focusing on past errors, future objectives. It’s a rare moment to be able to detach and just be. Even in yoga classes, for the duration of the two hours, we’re doing, moving, thinking, concentrating. It’s a much welcome and different vibe to the continuous mind space of the business realm, of course, but it’s not the same as what one experiences on a Ka Huna retreat.

Here, now, I become super aware of the processes currently vying for attention. Here I am alone and at peace with the only real possession I will ever own throughout this lifetime. Here, now, I am at one with my body in it’s entirety.

This is an important space for me in particular because I can be very spacey and in my head. My natural state is to overthink and consistently be in my mind, dreaming, projecting, remembering. I have to consciously bring myself back into my body when the environment doesn’t support it.

This year has been a reminder to return to a space where my body receives as much attention as my mind. Paying attention to feelings and intuition, moving to a space where those feelings are more truthful and aren’t conditioned, understanding the nature of my own body and its needs. This year has been a time to return to my body.