Power in the Sand

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18 Jun 2011
A Beach Outside My Bedroom Door
19 Jun 2011

Today, being our last day, was immensely full. The training pretty much done, we now have a feast of a lunch left and the closing ceremony.

Despite the fullness of the day, we did spend some time on the beach, meditating and performing our dance on the beachsand, soaking up the salt air. Usually, we chant out the seven Ka Huna Principles that underlie our Ka Huna philosophy. Today, instead, we were tasked with selecting a principle to work with come the completion of the training and imprint that principle in the sand.

The results were amazing. It’s a pity we didn’t have a camera with us because some of the principles written out in sand and shells looked so amazingly beautiful, one could stand and stare at them for hours on end. Anthea’s own KALA stood out for me, each letter twice my size, marked out in the beach-sand in a beautiful san-serif script.

My words cannot translate the awe I felt, gazing upon the various principles.