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13 Jun 2011
I Chose The Wrong Story Lock
15 Jun 2011

Flying on the beachAnthea, my Ka Huna teacher and friend, invited me to partake in a Level 3 training retreat. This would be the first Level 3 in a few years for both of us. Anthea had taken a step back from training for a period but has been coming back into it in full force over the past year or so. She has been training up Level 1 and 2 people through 2010 and the beginning of this year and many of them are ready for their next step. Over a glass of wine, in my depressive period, Anthea offered the opportunity to join the training in the South Coast. Naturally, I jumped at the chance.

It will be a fairly large group. There are ten participants. There were to be eleven and my presence would have evened the numbers so everybody had a partner to work with and on. As fate has it, one participant pulled out, which puts me more in the position of assistant assistant. Which is a decent place to be. I get to enjoy the training space, participate where possible and have some time out while everybody is working. It could be good.

One of Anthea’s best friends, Sharon, is the main assistant. I’ve not seen her for a few years and it will be awesome connecting again. I met Anthea and Sharon on the same training way back in the December of 2002. Her son was a year or two below me in highschool which led to an easy connection and we’ve been Ka Huna buddies ever since. It’s going to be rad working with her again.

All in all, I’m looking forward to getting away to the coast away from the cold that has settled over Johannesburg. It will be nice to get in some sea time as well and just switch off for a bit. This year has my head buzzing way to much. Definitely time to shut down.