What did you learn today?

A Moonlit Ride
16 Jun 2011
I disappoint You, You disappoint Me
18 Jun 2011

Yesterday, Sharon (my fellow Ka Huna assistant) and I shared a conversation on careers and money-making systems. She is an artist and hadn’t yet found a way to earn a substantial living while holding true to her creativeness. Ideas that were discussed cemented things that she’d already had suggested to her tho, and we should see some Sharon Lawson-Brown originals out in the commercial world soon 🙂

In the course of this conversation, she told me that everyday she asks herself, “What did I learn today?”

I’ve been asking myself the same since yesterday afternoon. So far I’ve enjoyed two very valuable insights and trust that since I’ve actively looking for lessons, I will spot many more. Of course, I realise that there’s a gift in every problem and every situation but I’m not always aware enough in the moment to spot them. Asking myself that question causes my mind to reply the scenarios of the day ensuring I get the gift in retrospect.

Today, I spent a fair bit of down time, not overly engaging or dwelling on the issues that have been plaguing me for the past months. I am in a very good space at the moment. It seems like a long while since I’ve enjoyed just being. Just being quirky. Cheeky. Naughty. Just being.

Today, I learned that, no matter what, I can afford to just be. Among other lessons, of course 🙂