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Ka Huna is a very individual experience. A Ka Huna therapist needs to be sensitive to the individual needs of each client, aware of what clients require on a particular day and in a particular period in their lives. Traditionally, this treatment was used specifically to facilitate great changes in one’s life, releasing outmoded patterns and blocked energy, balancing mind, body and spirit, and shifting and transforming the individual towards her or his greater potential.

The ProcessAs such, no two sessions can ever be the same. Each treatment is as unique as the person receiving it.

Before the first massage, the therapist will give a full consultation to the client, sussing out the person’s present state of being, where they may be at in their lives and what they may require from the treatment. Sometimes, a client may want to deal with something specific in her or his life, while other times they may be content to allow the therapist to take care of whatever issues reveal themselves during the process. Being a very fluid treatment, during the course of continuing sessions, what may have been important at the beginning may fall away revealing deeper seeded problems.

The entire process is a dance between the therapist and the client, with each massage session fluid, smooth, impassioned, deep, and nurturing, depending on the needs of the client. Using flowing strokes, focussed pressure, music, sound, and guided breath work, the therapist aims to direct the client towards better health, balance and harmony.

Benefits and Effects

Whether receiving a skeletal, floor or table treatment, Ka Huna delivers numerous benefits on physical, mental and spiritual levels.

The treatments serve to relieve the body of pain and accumulated stress, detoxifying accumulated waste, cleansing the internal systems and, thus, stimulating more energy flow, restoring balance and vitality. As muscles are relaxed, one may also discover greater mobility and flexibility. Clients become more in touch and at home with their bodies, feeling more energetic and stress free. Ka Huna does enhance the body’s natural healing ability, boosting the immune and endocrine systems, but while it can be used to ease pain and help repair the body, it is still advised, in cases of extreme physical pain and illness, to consult a physician. Ka Huna treatments serve to compliment modern medicine and therapies and not replace them.

Mentally, clients will find they develop a more positive outlook, becoming more aware of how their state of mind affects their emotions and circumstance. With greater clarity, vision and an inner peace, people find it easier to overcome any limiting belief patterns or harmful addictions. Concentration levels and memory has also been known to improve as a result of consistent Ka Huna therapy.

On a spiritual level, clients are given the opportunity to connect with their inner personal power, developing a better relationship to their spiritual or higher selves. This connectedness and inner peace allows people to pay more attention to their real desires and needs, to know who they really are, and what they are capable of. The aim of Ka Huna is to cause people to allow themselves to live their full potential in life with purpose and abundant joy. Ka Huna does not interfere with an individual’s religion; it serves only to strengthen that individual’s relationship and connection to that which is greater than them.

Releasing Energy

Releasing EnergyThrough hectic modern lifestyles many people, often without realising it, do not give themselves the space to relax and emote, trapping emotions within their physical body. Ka Huna practitioners look upon this as stuck energy. Constant repression of anger or sorrow (or any other emotion, for that matter) shows up to the experienced therapist as blockages within the body.

With the body work massage, the therapist will intuitively go to the tense areas with the intent of encouraging the body to release tension. Releasing tension in the body naturally releases related mental and emotional tension. At a cellular level, energy from unresolved experiences and memories, suppressed or otherwise, are released, resulting in the person discharging those held emotions of fear, guilt, or anger.

During a session, and sometimes even for days after, a client may find their body chooses selective ways in which to release this stuck energy. Some people cry or laugh or scream or may simply find they are yawning uncontrollably or sweating or breaking wind more than they would normally. Any and all of these reactions are perfectly normal and expected. Once the energy patterns have been broken, the body finds ways to expel it in which ever manner is appropriate.

Continuing Transformation

The effects of Ka Huna can usually last for a few days after each massage. And as the treatments become regular, the changes are long standing. So one may find, for example, that for a few days after a treatment, she or he is more emotional than usual. One needs to be aware that any changes on the physical, mental and emotional are only serving to move the individual forward into her or his potential.

The body has engaged its natural healing process and will eliminate wastes and old energy as it needs to. Clients can facilitate this process by keeping well hydrated, drinking filtered or spring water, taking time to rest, being gentle, and allowing the process to take its course.

As far as is possible, do not try to further suppress any new emotions that surface. Sometimes this may be uncomfortable but one needs to realise that as the gunk is eliminated from the body, the discomfort will disappear to be replaced with a wonderful sense of well-being. Taking time to rest, being gentle and nurturing with oneself, surrounding oneself with supportive and loving people or spending time in peaceful and serene environments will assist in moving through any discomfort gracefully.

Additionally, some people have discovered that their body physically changes shape reflecting the inner healing and growth and the release of destructive behaviour patterns. Ka Huna therapists are aware that the body reveals the inner state of a person and as that state changes, so the body will adapt as well.

Endless Potential

Ka Huna massage is about healing, transformation, discovery, and continuous growth. We want to help everyone reach their highest potential through love and caring. The treatments are always done with respect for the client as well as respect for the therapist. It is a constant dance of give and take for, as therapists, we understand that we are truly always dancing together and that is the only way we will continue to evolve.

Treatments are always performed in love, joy and appreciation, serving the highest good of all concerned and even those that aren’t.
Endless Potential

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