Keeping Focus

I believe that you can achieve just about anything if you’re willing to put in the effort.

Granted, you may not have the natural predisposition for everything you may desire but if you are serious about attaining those desire, just keep showing up and do what you can.

People generally sight the lack of self-discipline as an excuse for not studyng or going to the gym regularly or working their business. I used the same excuse for many years myself. Truth be told though, the world didn’t care about my excuses. The world didn’t care whether I did what was needed or not. But I did. Excuse or not, I wasn’t getting where I wanted to get.

You see, the problem isn’t self-discipline. It’s our focus.

When you hit a tennisball or kick a football, your focus is always on where you want that ball to go. Yet, in life, we can get fixated on where the bat or foot make contact with the ball.

Gyming isn’t the the end goal. The goal is either a buff body or a trim figure. Gyming is one of the action steps to attain the goal.

This is an obvious statement but it needs saying. Focus on where you want the ball to go.

Focus on the end result and you will have the motivation to do what you need to.

This is why it is very important to have clear and well defined dreams and goals. The action steps may not be taken with relish but, certainly if the dream is important enough, they will not be taken with reluctance.

Be conscious of when your focus shifts. It will, at least in the beginning. You will see the pain instead of the end pleasure. In theses times, it helps immensely to have a visual, sensory reminder of your dream.

Print out pictures, cut them out of magazines, draw them if you have to. Just have some tangible representation of your desires to keep on your person or somewhere where you will see it often. I’d advise having a large image on the opposite side of your room so it’s the first thing you see when you wake up. Another good spot is on the bathroom door; so you keep your focus while you’re having some down time on the porcelain throne.

We all have our off days. It’s a natural cycle. That’s no reason to stop what we’re doing though. Restore your focus, show up and do what you can, no matter how little.

Like the cosmetic company says, you and your dreams are worth it.