Attributes Every Leader Shares

Every great leader has qualities and characteristics that stand out but there are a few attributes that you will find in every one.

First of all, great leaders make the decision to be a one. They are determined and committed to be great leaders. They have declared themselves as leaders. Regardless of how tough life gets, they push forward as best they can.

A leader constantly thinks about his dreams. He or she constantly focuses on way to achieve his/her desires, always re-evaluating and trying, trying, trying again. These are the people that are never prepared to settle for less.

They are willing to take risks. Leaders go ahead before success is certain. Others may feel anxious, or not believe in the possibility of success. A great leader seeks to achieve what may not before have been attempted. They understand that only by taking risks will they reach new heights. Taking risks enables them to understand what other leaders experience.

They don’t just follow the trendy and popular roads either. They determine what route would be best for the achievement of their goals. And they are prepared to do what other would not.

In doing so, they step outside of their comfort zone on a regular basis. They know that only by stretching themselves will they become even greater leaders. Others stay inside their comfort zone and are too scared to try new things. These people rationalize and make excuses as to why they cannot achieve their goals instead of getting out there and doing them.

A leader speaks of his own mistakes prior to talking about someone else’s. Leaders aren’t perfect and are happy to acknowledge what they need to work on.
They learn from others who have already achieved what they want to. They are constantly reading books by other great leaders, as well as listening to them and reading about them. They know who they are in their profession and they stay current with what they are doing and with the knowledge that they are creating.

They take others ahead with them. A smart leader surrounds him- or herself with others that are smarter and more talented than him or her.

They help others become great leaders. They come from a position of service and they are always thinking about how they can help the other person to become a great leader as well. They offer everyone with whom they come in contact the chance to join them in becoming one.
A leader makes others excel. They provide positivity, motivation, upliftment, support, help and instruction. They lead by example.
A leader is quick to praise and encourage the smallest amount of progress. Every leader knows that they got to their position by small, single steps in that direction, not titanic jumps forward. Leaders celebrate small victories, uplifting their team.

They are committed for the long haul. They understand that they will not attain the level of great success overnight. They are constantly seeking improvement in their leadership and they are humble and willing to change. They make adjustments when necessary. They are committed to constant and never ending improvement. They realize that there is not only one path and they are willing to experiment and put forth the time and effort necessary to find the one that will work best for them.

A great leader goes the extra mile. A great leader does more than what is expected, not only willing to do the work necessary to see accomplishment, but willing to work harder than anyone else to get there.

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