Loving Where You Are

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9 Feb 2011
Ruthless Love
14 Feb 2011

There’s a billboard on the N1 Highway as it leaves Johannesburg that says “Love what surrounds you”.

Have you ever tried loving everything around you? So often today, I hear people consistently complaining about virtually everything around them. The people they work with, the people they live with, their jobs, their cars, the traffic, the random man who looked at them funny in the shopping mall.

If we spent as much time finding things to be grateful for as we do to complain about, I can guarantee we would be living far more fulfilled and joyful lives.

Take some time to pick out all the things you love about your life. From the most mundane (such as having all of your physical senses in working order) to the more practical (such as having workable transport to get you from point A to B) to the more emotional (such as having friends to spend fun times with).

I was recently at a workshop that reminded me of a declaration I learned close to ten years previously. A declaration that I used to say regularly, silently, to everyone I met or just spent time with even if we never spoke (like people in a post-office queue). I’ve also used it to connect with inanimate objects; buildings, locations, cars. It’s a declaration that allows me to open up to the people and things around my space. It creates an opening in me, allowing me to choose to connect instead of putting up the standard barriers that society wants to condition us to do.

I will admit that situation and circumstance has caused me to forget this declaration in recent years, perhaps closing me off a little bit to the full potential of opportunities and people around me. Life does go in cycles like that. Fortunately, I am reminded again and I can share this with you:

I honour the light and the life in you, and I appreciate spending this time and space in love with you.

You could choose to say it allowed or silently in your head. I have found that, at least, when I first learned this that it helps to practise with somebody close so you feel less silly and are better able to evoke the feelings of appreciation and love. Try it out. See how open you may feel toward your fellow beings.