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How I Didn’t Restore My Eyesight
31 May 2011
Shelving Breakdown… for now
1 Jun 2011

Our movie project, Breakdown, has been in the pre-funding phase for roughly six months. We’ve decided on a cast, we’ve locked our script, we’ve done all we can with the resources we have, and, now, we’re in a bit of a limbo. Alas, movie-making is a costly experience. Even at a low budget, to produce a decent product will require a minimum of R1,200,000 to complete the full project.

Unfortunately, it turns out that our investment procedure didn’t pan out as planned. In an ever shifting industry, this is understandable if not tremendously annoying. So, right now, we require our first investment so as to begin the pre-production phase of securing our location, crew, actors and equipment, planning our shots, drawing up story boards, and getting some of our admin sorted out. Thereafter begins the production phase when all the exciting bits come together and we blow stuff up.

We have a prospect for you: earn some money finding us investors. A guaranteed R2,500 finders fee will be awarded you for every signed investor brought on board. Read our Finder’s proposal here for more information. [UPDATE: This program is no longer available.]

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