Making Money without Having Money

A very common and inaccurate belief is that you need money to make money. Don’t worry, I believed that, too, once upon a time. And, yes, it is true that having capital does help in generating more. What it doesn’t mean is that the common man or woman on the street can’t build up some financial resources out of seemingly nothing.

With my lack of a steady job most of my life, there were often times of low cash. It’s those times that really stir the creative juices up. After all, a man’s got to eat.

Being a person who’s rather fanatical about trying new things and growing myself, I’ve developed a decent set of skills that I could use for my profit. In my case, I am able to offer my services as a graphic designer, a website designer, a programmer, a performing artist, a voice-over artist, a dancer, a teacher, a massage therapist, and a writer, and, over the last decade, I have earned an income through each one of those skills.

In fact, if push came to shove again, I would never go hungry because by offering my services on a freelance basis, I don’t need any money to earn money. As a performing artist, I could always busk in parking lots.

As a massage therapist, as another example, I didn’t even have my own room to work in, but what I did find was a Therapy Centre that was willing to rent out a room for a percent of my takings. If I didn’t have any clients, I didn’t pay for the room, it was simply given to therapists that did need it so nobody lost out.

What are your strong skills? Which skills could you monetise? And allow your creativity to flow with regard to how can you sell your skills without needing to put up any money first.

Naturally, key is to let people know that you exist. Your network of friends can help you out there. Additionally, you can put yourself out there by contacting potential clients or people that could put you in touch with potential clients.

Another manner of making money without money is playing middle man.

In Robert Kiyosaki‘s books and The One Minute Millionaire, you’ll read about flipping property. That’s when a property is purchased and sold within a short enough space of time that you don’t need to put in a major deposit. And, of course, you would sell for a profit.

The key here is to have a buyer before you close the deal with the seller. And it doesn’t have to be property (I’m not into the property market but I believe that this idea wouldn’t work with South African property laws anyway), it can be any product. The best products for this idea are obviously ones that aren’t easy to come by. These could be high-end products that can be sold through agents or independent distributors, or products that are made by small or home-based companies that haven’t a large marketing or distribution budget.

At HealthyFortune, I promote a high-end wellness range of nutrients, weight management, and skincare products. In this case, I don’t push myself as a reseller but if people want products, I arrange it for them, taking a cut, of course.

In general, however, I let people know of the existence of the products so they can buy direct which earns me commission on sales. Which leads me, finally, to affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is promoting the existence of a supplier, whether of a product or a service. Many companies have an affiliate program that you can sign up to. You then tell people about the company and can earn a percentage of sales. Generally there are no costs to you at all to sign up to the program.

All these options can have potential to earn you a good income if you work them properly but I would suggest using these techniques to build up initial capital that can be then invested in a passive income option.