A Million Dreams To Dream While Wide Awake

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14 Apr 2017
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2 May 2018

What could be more inspiring to an entertainer than a movie about a collection of misfits turned entertainers?

Very little, let me tell you.

The Greatest Showman is an inspiring movie inspired by the story of PT Barnum who builds an entertaining empire after losing his job in a shipping company. It stars Hugh Jackman, Zac Effron, Zendaya, and a host of talented artists.

The story itself is very surface level and doesn’t go in-depth with the many hard topics that it touches on. However, that did not lessen its inspiring affect. It is ultimately a tale about the underdog, the people who have it hard and who still are able to step up and carve their space in the world.

This movie didn’t take itself excessively seriously and the story moved very swiftly resolving one crisis after another, while presenting the more intense material through its amazing musicals. The music is stunning, inspiring, and tear-wrenching. In the music, we laugh, we cry, thoughts are provoked, our hearts are touched, and we are reminded in the power of dreams and love.

The overriding theme of the entire story is summed up in this one song, This Is Me. I dare you to watch this and be unmoved 😛

Take time out to watch this movie, and enjoy its magic.