Molly en Wors, the movie

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6 Jun 2012
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29 Jun 2012

Molly en Wors die movieI honestly didn’t think my first big movie role would be in something for the Afrikaans market. Okay, so it’s not a major role but it is a named character and I interact with the title lead which is big enough.

So, yes, following my 7de Laan stint, I have been asked to play the role of Neville Naidoo on the upcoming Molly en Wors Movie. For those of you that aren’t aware, Molly en Wors is a popular show on the Kyknet channel, catering to the Afrikaans market.

Honestly, I myself did not know that this show existed prior to being cast in it, not being much of a Kyknet viewer.

Working with the show’s star and director, Willie Esteihuisen, was a pleasant experience. He’s a down-to-earth, good-natured, hands on person and I really enjoyed being part of the show. Everything was well organised and shooting was achieved with minimal fuss. What a pleasure.

Neville NaidooThe role of Neville is specific to the movie, the character having only been referred to in the tv series. I play a proper Durban-originating Indian mechanic with nicely spiked hair. :-)

More than that I cannot reveal yet. I’ve no confirmation as to when the movie will be released but, no doubt, I will keep you all informed. The movie releases nation-wide on the 27 September 2013.