My Own Project Me

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20 Sep 2013
Trusting the Journey
8 Oct 2013

A few years ago, my friend, Jodene, committed to what she called “Project Me”, a daily blogging commitment, dedicated to her growth and personal evolution, writing her first Project Me post at the end of 2009. Nine hundred and eighty-seven posts later, she is still going strong and has flourished in both her personal and professional life. Of course, as with life, the journey is ongoing and Jodene continues to wow her readers with each new post detailing her next steps to that better life we all seek.

That life begins first with our commitment to better and with us turning our gaze inward, building ourselves up from the inside out, determining what makes us tick and where our priorities lie. Too often we get sidetracked with what we think the world expects of us and what we need to do to secure our little slice of society’s pie. In reality, we need to be ourselves, express our own creativity, follow our own bliss, and society will step aside in awe of our, ahem, awesomeness.

But because we have lived small for so long, it can take some time and work to rediscover our truth again. I have over my life danced with the part of me that has shown off my sparkle and the depression-prone part of me that feels the need to do what it thinks must be done to “fit in”. In these last few months especially, the latter has had the conn.

Swinging MeOver the past months, I’ve also engaged myself in a few projects but have been very unmotivated, procrastinating consistently and giving myself over to the voices in my head that tend to bring me down, with the result that my various projects are falling by the wayside. These semi-finished works are serving to make me even more unmotivated. Hence my recent decision to commit to my own “project me”.

Taking from Jodene’s example, over the next 365 days, I will be writing a post each day on my progress through the day, what I’ve done (or didn’t do) to bring to fruition all these ideas that I have that are screaming to be given life. I will share what thoughts hold my attention and what tools I am using to adjust my focus and commitment, where needed. By dedicating to writing every day, I aim to make real my collection of dreams that have been shoved into the recesses of my lethargic mind.

So here’s to being real. 🙂