My Superior Self

The Winds of Change in My Performance Career
12 Dec 2012
DVDs an obsolete technology?!
26 Dec 2012

Over the years, I’ve become accustomed to getting quiet and having the internal conversation with my knowing self and going “Wow! Why aren’t you the one controlling this body?”

Because, truth be told, my all-knowing self is really quite knowledgeable and pretty advanced for his age. It’s a wonder that he only shows up when I, the part of me that’s still floundering, requests some help. This could be what talking to God is like. Multiple personality order. Not a disorder. If I didn’t have that personality that I could approach as my guru, I swear my life would be far more chaotic than it already is.

I wonder if we all have this side of ourselves. I know a few friends who have admitted to being able to access this aspect within their own lives. Is this a natural talent of ours or something only a special few of us possess?

I’ve watched my Guru-Self grow and mature over the years as I have. He’s just always been ahead of my Regular-Everyday-Self. Always. Ten years ago, he would have been at the same level that my Everyday-Self is now. Which means we’re growing in tandem. How I interact with my life in 10 years would be how my Guru-Self is now. Something to look forward to.