Nature In The Middle Of The City

City Walks
7 Apr 2017
I Don’t Care About You!
14 Apr 2017

This morning started really early about an hour before sunrise as I was taken to a little known, permit-requiring hiking trail along the Hout Bay side of Table Mountain. I love the fact that Cape Town has such a large nature reserve in the middle of the city. One can completely get away from the city vibes, and lose oneself in nature for only a R20 Uber ride.

As I said in my previous post, City Walks, I’m born to walk, and there’s little I love more than a good solitary hike in a natural environment. It gives me a space to reconnect with nature, and time to contemplate and think, and sort through my thoughts and energy. A walk up the mountain in time to watch the sunrise near the top is a most ideal activity to achieve this.

It was very cold and misty on this side of the mountain, apparently the usual weather to be expected. When the sun did appear, it shone weakly through the mist, not doing much to raise the temperature. Once I’d reached the top through and crossed over the Woodhead Dam, the clouds almost immediately dissipated revealing a clear blue sky and now rather hot sun. The walk from that point on was easy, no longer on a small trail but a paved road which was also more tourist friendly and hence busier.

Enjoy some of the beauty in pictures until you’re able to walk it yourself 😉