Never too late for now

Wallow, wallow, fucking wallow
30 Oct 2013
The State of Oblivion
1 Nov 2013

One of my biggest phobias has been missing out. Throughout at least the last fifteen years I’ve feared missing out on all the opportunities in life and, often, still get really sad about things that I’ve not done or achieved, citing that it may be too late now, that I’m getting too old, and that those opportunities are lost somewhat because I can’t experience them now as I was then. As the years have passed, I’ve racked up a longer and longer list of what I still wish to achieve.

While my brain continues to cry on what is as yet unchecked on the to-do list, the truth is I’m certainly not too old, having more flexibility and energy now then many teenagers and young adults (but NOT as much as a five-year-old toddler, I’ve discovered). Also, today I met a man who has been living out his purpose for the past eight years. In 2005, he discovered a love for latex and rubber suits and a passion for working with and creating these body suits in various shapes and configurations. He has, over this time, designed virtual art works, travelled overseas to conventions and parties where he has flaunted his wares to much fanfare, and increased his knowledge and skill in this particular art-form, spending over 2 million rand on materials, education, and travel in the pursuit of this passion.

Never too lateHe is currently seventy-three years of age.

Prior to 2005, this gentleman barely knew how to use a computer. Since that year, he has been creating one-of-a-kind products in the way of bodysuits and headpieces, connecting with fellows and fans over the Web, and truly finding his calling in this unique art-form and industry. Listening to him relate his stories, seeing the light shine in his eyes as he recounts the first time he presented at a USA convention and the positive reception that followed, brought a joy to my heart and a perpetual smile to my face.

I am smiling now as I type this. What I took from this experience was the firm acceptance that it really is never too late. And an intellectual and emotional connection was made. There really aren’t missed opportunities. If something really drives you, you will find a way to realise your dream. And with the next opportunity, you will be better able to receive it.

There is a saying that all things come in their proper time. I’ve always been challenged by that, constantly pouting that they weren’t already here. I’m rather impatient like that. I tend to ignore all that I have done until now, focusing too much on the to-do list than the been-done one. It’s important for all of us to sit back, take that deep breath and acknowledge that good we have achieved. Then, once we’re full of happy vibes and a firm sense of accomplishment, we can shift our attention to the still-to-do list, and conquer them, too, one item at a time.