My New Exercise Regimes Get The Endorphins Flowing

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22 Oct 2013
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24 Oct 2013

ExerciseI enjoy being active, and have a fairly natural endurance which allows me to do nothing physically strenuous for months and then hike 20kays in one go. This trait does cause me to be lazy though. And what I make up for in dexterity and agility, I lack in muscular strength, something I’ve been wanting to change for ages but, as has already been pointed out, I’m adverse to holding to a routine for an extended period of time. That been said, I have been doing some relatively regular hikes and mountain bike outrides in the past few weeks. Not exactly to routine but regular enough to feel it.

And today, I took it a step further and joined a private gym.

Traditionally, I’m not a gym person. I’ve been a member of the big brand gyms before and, while I did enjoy and make good use of the group classes, it was not long before the machinery and weights were left untouched by my hands. Has anything major changed since my last attempt at regular gyming? Well, for one thing, this private gym, Dream Body Fitness, has a staff that actively works with its members. Even the owner and his doggie are seen regularly working out and chatting to members. On top of that, a routine and food plan is part and parcel of the standard membership, as well as weekly assessments.

Automatic Blood Pressure MonitorRight, the assessments. How we have progressed. My assessment took all of five minutes and all I did was stand on a high-tech scale, holding on to some biometric rods, and then stick my arm into an automatic blood pressure monitor machine. Maybe this is all standard fare at gyms now but it totally blew my mind. The machines revealed what I already joined the gym for: I need to add muscle mass and reduce upper body fat.
My endurance levels are sound but I do need to tone up. Well, “need” is a bit of an ugly word. I want to. I’ve wanted to for a while. Now just feels like I’m ready to.

Dream Body Fitness InteriorThe meal plans are fairly straightforward and not restrictive compared to my current diet, with the possible exception of cutting out doughy substances. That might be a stretch for me given my sordid love affair with all things bread-like, muffins and cakes included. There are two cheat days built into the plan but I aim, at least for now, not to abuse them.
Both the training regime and the food plans are adjusted as I progress, which is also a quite nice service that’s lacking in the bigger gyms, unless you’ve hired a dedicated nutritionist or trainer.

At any rate, the endorphins are still buzzing from today’s workout. Looking forward to more of that tomorrow. One day at a time.