The No-Excuse Mentality

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17 Oct 2013
Garbage Collection and Museums of Colour
19 Oct 2013

Continuing the thread of trust from a few days back, with all that happened today, I was reminded of being open to life and what comes up.

Programming, healing, performance: these are all things that I enjoy doing. It was never because they were going to be my career. I did not know Ka Huna existed before I booked my first session. As I indulged in dance and physical theatre, for years, I never considered them potential jobs. Even programming was merely a hobby for the longest time. While there was a lot of me that was constantly in headspace, trying to plan things, there was a part of me that was on the right track with experiencing the new, following that which I enjoy. I never planned what I would study to be my career. I did what I did because I enjoyed it.

There are many synchronosities that have guided me in my life, with one adventure leading to the next. And, despite this, I still wonder and question the journey. Let me tell you why. We don’t know what life has to offer us. We don’t know what’s on this path. We don’t know whether the highway or the backroads will be the best route to our destination. Sometimes we don’t even know what the destination is. Learn to trust the journey. Learn to say yes. Even if you don’t know the facts. Even if you don’t know where you’re going. A lot of the great things in my life are there because I’ve been open to it. At the same time, there are a lot of adventures that I have said no to, because I was scared, or unsure or just not confident enough to trust in that particular path. These are the adventures that I have not been open to.

I was, of course, unaware of this for a while. Travel for example. That’s something I’ve wanted to do more of yet I was not open to opportunities to travel and that only hit home when one of my romantic partners pointed out that even though I say I want to travel, I’m not. She compared the difference to my performance career. I found ways to express myself, I found places, people, opportunities to act no matter what. In the case of international travelling, I found excuses: “I don’t have enough cash right now. I need to do this first, then that.”

And that’s a big difference. We find a way or we find excuses. The things that interest us and that are important to us, we will make time for, and we will see done, no matter what. So if there is some activity you’ve been putting off, consider whether it really is something you want to pursue. Rather focus on what brings you joy, as much as you can. Yes, there are certain “must-be-dones” in life; do these without getting to caught up in them. Recognise them for what they are, and if they still feel like a necessity but not a desire, either find desirable replacements or adjust your attitude toward them. Certain activities may seem like a slog but they fulfil some aspect of desire; re-frame your focus on why you’re performing that activity in the first place.

Granted, it’s not always straightforward. And, in general, I get a bit peeved with those motivational posters that all tout the “No Excuses, Just Do It” vibe. I do realise in my life, however, how much more I’ve gained by allowing and doing what I could when I don’t search for reasons why I can’t. There’s a world of opportunity out there. Just be open to it, is all I’m saying 🙂

No excuses, Spidey!

No excuses, Spidey!
(some light closing comedy from McSoss) 🙂

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