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22 Jul 2013
Freshly Squeezed on the Expresso Show
29 Jul 2013

Hugh Jackman is one of those actors that I always get that warm feeling in my belly that he’s made it as big as he has. At some point before he landed the role of Wolverine in the first X-Men movie, I read somewhere that he’d been struggling to make it. And then, after the movie was released internationally, he was the man in demand. And, of course, now there are virtually no females and a good number of male that don’t swoon to his name.

Another fondness I have for him is because Hugh is musical theatre trained. There’s something in the fact that he has similar training to me and was struggling to make it at one point in his life that I really connect with. So, while I could honestly say that the latter X-Men movies and subsequent spin-offs, with the possible exception of First Class, left me wanting, I’m throughly happy that Jackman has secured the following and success that he has.

Last night, for the first time in possibly months, I went to the cinema with friends to watch the latest Wolverine flick. Not expecting much, I was more in the mood to socialise and just enjoy some mindless action. Perhaps it was this attitude coupled with evolved screenwriting talents but I did enjoy the film. For the most part, it had fewer holes than the previous Wolverine Origins movie, and I actually found myself engrossed. The action scenes were awesome, the storyline made sense and could be followed, and the acting was good enough for an action movie, although it was occasionally difficult to understand the Japanese characters speaking in English because of their accents. That said, the Japanese eye-candy were suitably flavourful, being quite strong and feisty women. But, alas, there was no sex-scene which seemed to disappoint some of our party 🙂

There was a line from Mariko Yashida, one of the female leads, that really struck home and, as a result, is the title of this post. Everything happens as it needs to. Everything we do, whether with purpose or not, has some meaning and consequence. I resonate strongly with that. It’s a concept that I’d delve into more deeply on my sister blog in a more philosophical and spiritual manner. Right here, suffice it to say that I’m glad I took time out to watch The Wolverine in the cinema. The combination of the tale and watching Jackman do his thing did wonders to uplift my spirit. And you’re welcome to take that as you will 😉