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18 Nov 2013
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19 Nov 2013
Polyamory Palooza 2013

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After a long and eventful few days, Sunday afternoon winded down the weekend with a relaxing gathering for the Johannesburg leg of South Africa’s Polyamory group. The last one for this year. And the last one organised by ctrl-Alt-sex’er, Avri. As she steps across from her position of two years into the facilitation of more advanced workshops for the poly community, I and two other members shall be stepping up into the event co-ordination role for next year. Some big shoes to fill actually but I reckon we’ve got the cumulative feet to do it.

Polyamory, to quickly fill you in, is, to quote Wiki, the practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. Find out more or join the South African community by visiting the website.

[Love outside the box]

image source: ctrl-Alt-sex

A small and intimate group for the year-end palooza, we secured ourselves a space in the sun at the Amuse Café in Linden and chatted over sours shots and drinks, old friends made through various circles brought together by this united ideal. In fact, as a fitting final gathering, we each shared our exploration and understanding of polyamory within our individual paths, revealing our “origin stories”, as Avri put it. The discussions then rollercoasted to a range of topics, including radicalism, gaming, the relatively archaic attitude of South Africans to sex, gender and sexual orientation, with a touch of Anarchism.

It was an afternoon of intelligent and fun conversation from which we could not pull ourselves away, which is exactly what I love about the people who I’ve bonded with through this group. I am looking forward to keeping the vibe as spirited as Avri has left it, and will naturally be blogging a lot more about the group, the events, and my own continuing journey with polyamory in the months to come.

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