Production Kicks Off For High Rollers

Rushing to Get There
4 Jan 2013
Observing the Rise and Fall of Mr Armstrong
20 Jan 2013

This week kicks off principal production for High Rollers, the new casino drama set to hit SABC3 screens in early April. We official began work last week with script readings, make-up tests and wardrobe fittings. Now is when the real fun begins, on location.

I was confirmed for the show in early December. Really excited about it. To date, this will be my biggest TV role with an estimated 20 calls at this stage. Not only that but having read most of the first season, I’m loving the story thus far. It’s certainly a first of South African TV, and it’s very much on par with our International friends. There’s a strong, well experience cast and production crew, and I’ve confidence that this show is going to harness a strong following.

Not much else to be said at this stage but keep tuned 😉