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12 Jul 2013
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20 Jul 2013

While mulling over the excess free-time I have recently come into, I found myself reading a post I made toward the end of last year. Over the course of my life, my desires and actions to attain those desires have been in constant flux. The constant has been my attainment of freedom. This has always been my guiding light and remains the main consideration in all my endeavours.

Freedom is a vast concept, of course. Ultimately, we need some level of boundary and focus. So when I say my desire is for freedom, I mean it to be a life that is severely less constrained than the generally accepted lifestyle in Westernised society.

In terms of career, this has meant an office-free occupation that varies from day-to-day, allowing me to express my creativity in a many ways possible. This goal has been realised in my writings and performance. To an extent, it is also tickled by programming and massage, but not as much as by my more creative pursuits. In the post I mention above, I reveal how I had come to a point where I was giving up on living the lifestyle that fed my creative, freedom-craving soul. I’d come close to calling it quits and throwing in the towel, opting for an office-bound day-to-day job in the established and lucrative IT industry.

As fate would have it, making the decision opened up possibilities for my acting career. Not having the financial pressures associated with irregular acting gigs, coupled with my inner decision that the acting world wasn’t my be-all, allowed me to be more relaxed and unattached to potential roles that came my way. This, of course, had me auditioning without needing to be the best, without needing to “win” the respective role. And it was and is the best space to be in during a casting.

Having had a fantastic run of roles over the last year and a bit has also increased my confidence in my ability and restored faith in my choice of career. It has also raised my standard in terms of the jobs and associated paychecks that I’d be willing to accept. Naturally, it’s just as easy to get a big head with higher profile work and, I hope, I am able to curb that tendency adequately. 🙂

Right now, I’m between projects with nothing big on the horizon, giving me time to pause and reflect. I feel it is time to keep sharpening skills and getting back in touch with myself, refocusing and consciously evaluating the next steps on my career path. Auditions have come my way and now it’s a waiting game. The gods willing, I look forward to continuing the trend of high-profile roles that can only advance my career.