It’s Soapie Time with 7de Laan!

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29 Feb 2012
Journey of Souls
1 Apr 2012

7de Laan
It’s confirmed, I have a major role on the popular South African soapie, 7de Laan.

I went for the audition and call-back a few weeks back and quite honestly was wondering whether I’d made the cut or not, having not heard anything for a while. Turns out my worries were unnecessary; shooting starts in this month.

I am quite excited, of course. I’ve played in the soapie before back in 2010; a bit part that my agent secured without my needing to cast. It was a non-speaking role that involved mostly hitting marks and flashing frustrated expressions. That is itself was quite an experience and I’m glad to be moving up a bit into a serious role.

I don’t know exactly how many episodes I will be in just yet. My storyline should last at least a month long though. It’s a fantastic opportunity for me and my career as an aspiring actor.

Huh. Aspiring?! Seven years in the industry, you’d think I’d stop aspiring by now and BE. That’s a personal note to myself.