Styling It At The High Rollers Media Launch

First glimpses of High Rollers
8 Mar 2013
First Episode of High Rollers a Hit
2 Apr 2013

Around the Roulette tableLast night was the media launch for Rous House Productions’ fantastic new show High Rollers. Naturally, the event was held at Emperors Palace (our primary shooting location) and SABC 3 decked out the venue with entertainment, celebs, and oh so much food.

The night started off very chilled with guests allowed to mingle and enjoy some snacks and the entertaining table-side performances of Mo’ Magic, who, by the way, is really good at what he does. I was very impressed with his slight-of-hand illusions performed not half-a-metre from my face. Made me want to study magic. Again. 😛
The formalities began around half-eight with the reveal of the lead cast followed by some snippets of the show and brief sound-bites from each of the leads.

All in all, quite an entertaining night of glamour 🙂

The series debuts on SABC 3 on the 2nd April.
High Rollers Season 1