Swimming Pool Renovations

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21 Feb 2011
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23 Feb 2011

A week or two back, I was chatting to a fellow healing therapist about how irregular our clients are with their sessions. As alternative healers, we are in an industry that hasn’t pushed the importance of self-maintenance. In the medical and psychological field, it’s understood that a single visit to your doctor isn’t going to cure you. Many people also understand the importance of regular check-ups.

The alternative healing industry, however, is traditionally viewed as a hocus-pocus quick fix. The industry itself, sadly, hasn’t done much to alter this view. The truth is that, regardless of whether you visit a medical practitioner or a wellness healer, your body is still the same. It takes time to heal and it requires regular maintenance.

In our discussion, I likened this to a swimming pool. My colleague has noticed that a large portion of her clients come to her when issues in their lives have built up to such a level that they need a major overhaul. Their pools are so overrun with weeds and algae and muck that the only thing they can do is have the healing equivalent of a brand new renovation. This treatment can be a lengthy process and involves a fair bit of work on the parts of both the client and the therapist but results are achieved.

And the client, all nicely sorted out, sparkling in the noon sun, goes back into his or her routine life until the next renovation.

What the majority people tend to ignore is the need for regular maintenance. If you’re not going to take care of your pool, of course it’s going to be overrun by plants and the like in due time. The same with your bodies. If you aren’t taking regular care, it’s going to break down bit by bit.

This goes further in esoteric holistic healing because we deal with more than just the body. Your emotional and mental well being are also addressed in our sessions. And as with the body, if you aren’t taking proper care of yourself, if you follow the same patterns as you did before the renovation, similar problematic situations are going to arise.

If you’re living in the city, engaging with commercial lifestyle, you are going to be regularly bombarded with elements of stress, frustration, and situations that challenge and stretch you. You need to have a mechanism in place that allows you to recover and deal with any destructive or challenging energies that you’re faced with. This doesn’t have to be in the form of a massage or holistic healing treatment as long as it is regular and rejuvenates you.

Regular healing also means you deal with more manageable bite-size chunks instead of a year’s worth of accumulated gunk, resulting in facing less trauma during your healing session.

Regular physical exercise, regular pampering, regular cleansing on a physical, mental and emotional level ensures that you, as a person, are operating at an optimal level. Stress levels are better managed, you are energetic and more clear headed.

Kind of like installing a salt-chlorinator.