Thandeka’s Diary first episode airs today

Laugh a Minute
8 Feb 2015
Making a Guru
20 Feb 2015

From TVSA:

Thandeka is a local comedy series about the growing pains of a 16-year-old girl from Kagiso, in the West Rand. Her boastful dad is a mechanic and her protective mom is a self-employed seamstress. Thandeka spends her days coping with strict teachers, parental control and the need to feed her curious mind.

She is an outcast at the height of puberty with an extra-ordinary mind that seems to often land her in sticky and hilarious situations. With each diary entry, every week is an adventure with curious Thandeka.

Tune in each week for a dash of THAT’S SO RAVEN, a pinch of FAMILY MATTERS, and a healthy dollop of EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS, and see Thandeka and her family win their way into the hearts of the country, one crazy day at a time.

Be sure to catch the first episode of Thandeka’s Diary tonight on SABC 1 at 19:30.